How do I refer a friend?

Login to your account and navigate to the tab named  "Rewards Points".  Here you will see all your points earned and a referral link below. 

Click the  "Copy" icon, or copy the referral link manually, and share with your friends via email, social media, any way you like! 

To receive the $25 referral reward, your friend must complete a purchase. Once your friend clicks the link, a 30 day cookie will activate. Your friend will have 30 days to complete a purchase for you to receive credit for that referral.  The points are then automatically deposited to your account. 

Remember, your friend will also receive $25 for making their first purchase with us!

You will receive an email notification once your friend signs up, completes a purchase and points deposited to your account. 

See your updated points balance anytime by logging in to your account and navigating to the Rewards Points tab. 

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