I'm ID verified, why can't I checkout?

Important - If you are logged in, your account is verified, and receiving the error:

"In order to comply with legalization requirements, we now require ID's to be verified before checkout out. Please Login to your existing account or Register for a new account and upload your ID images. Once your ID has been verified, the images will be permanently deleted from our servers. We will only keep specific data to prove ID verification. Thank you for your continued support in this transition period."

This error is caused by a mismatch with the email address being used.  The email address used in the checkout billing section MUST match the registration email address. The email address used upon account registration will be tied to your ID verification. 

If you are not sure what email address you used to register with, you can click the "Lost your password?" link in the login (my-account) area. Then check your possible emails to see where the password reset arrived to.  If you don't receive an email, it's possible you have entered your email address incorrectly upon registration, and will require us to change it for you.  Please contact us to check and update your email address on file.

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